ZWSOFT Appointed CADbro India as Exclusive Reseller in 3D CAD Viewer Market


GUANGZHOU, China—August 7, 2018 -- ZWSOFT,  an innovative supplier of CAD/CAM solutions and service provider, today announced it has signed an Exclusive Distribution Agreement with CADbro India for, CADbro 2018 SP1(a 3D CAD Viewer Software)  sales and marketing in India.



After signature, CADbro India will be Indian sole reseller for CADbro sales, technical support and marketing activities. The agreement comes after sufficient communication of mutual collaboration between ZWSOFT and CADbro India, allows CADbro India to provide customers a complete range service of CADbro.


CADbro is a 3D CAD viewer for designing and manufacturing industry. During the whole life cycle of product, diversified departments, like engineering, sales, marketing, managers, manufacturing and purchasing departments, have the common requirements to view visualized 3D models and check product manufacturing information. So CADbro is the joint solution.



    Simon Martin, senior editor of CAD/CAM industry, said, “As a full-featured, budget-friendly CAD viewer that can support more than 20 file formats for vivid 3D model viewing and markups and includes a host of other features ranging from automated animations to mold design assistance, it's clear that CADbro offers one of the most powerful solutions on the market today,”


    CADbro India CEO Mr. Anubhab said, “India is huge 3DCAD market and substantial usage is collaborative in nature. This is the right time for CADbro to enter India market with a price affordable collaborative user."


    Mason Liu, VP of ZWSOFT said, “We have felt that there is substantial opportunity to gain additional market share in what is a highly dynamic region. By partnering with CADbro India we believe that the reputation and quality of CADbro will be a new powerful force in the region, delivering unprecedented levels of customer service and availability.”


    "CADbro India is a great choice of strategic partner as we seek to raise CADbro profile in India, not just because of their local market knowledge but also due to their shared commitment to delivering high-quality 3D CAD solutions to customers," Mason added.


About CADbro India

CADbro India is a sales and distribution company formed for exclusively distributing 3D viewer from ZWSOFT to India market. CADbro India is head quartered in Pune with a VAR presence all over India.



    ZWSOFT is a world-renowned CAD/CAM solutions provider. CADbro is one of the competitive products. With 20 years’ experience in CAD/CAM industry, ZWSOFT products have been sold well to over 900,000 users from more than 90 countries and districts by 260+ global partners.



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