1. How to use CADbro Cloud service?

To use the CADbro Cloud, you need:
1)  Manager account and member account
2)  CADbro 2019 license (or above)

Manager account can be used to create and manage member accounts. Member account can be used to log in CADbro, upload and share files in the cloud. To activate a member account, you need to input the license code of CADbro 2019(or above).

2. Do I need a license to sign up an account?

No, signing up an account doesn't need license. But to activate your account, you need to input license information.

3. How to sign up a manager account?

1)  Login the CADbro Cloud web client at https://cloud.cadbrother.com/login
2)  Click the "Sign up" button on the top right corner
3)  Input email address as manager account name, input verification code and set the password
4)  Click "Sign up"button

4. How to create a member account?

Manager accounts have the permission to create member accounts.

1)  Sign in CADbro Cloud web client with manager account.
2)  Click "Authorization" tab, and add your CADbro license.
3)  Click "Members" tab
4)  Click "Add members" icon
5)  Enter email address as the member account name, set the password, and then choose a valid license.
6) Click "Add" button to finish the member account creation.

5. How to upload the file?

Manager accounts have the permission to create member accounts.

1)  Connect to the internet
2)  Login the CADbro client with member account
3)  Open the file
4)  Go to the "Cloud" tab and click the "upload file" button
5)  Choose a folder to upload the file
6)  Click "select" button, then the file will be uploaded to the cloud

6. Can I upload the files via the CADbro cloud web client?

No, uploading files can only be done by CADbro client.

7. What is the data format of the uploaded file (original file format or lightweight format)?

The uploaded file will be transferred to a lightweight format when uploading to the cloud. The client doesn’t support uploading the original file to the cloud for now.

8. What functions are supported in CADbro cloud?

1)  Check the assembly structure of uploaded 3D models. You can show or hide the components as you like.
2)  View the model, including rotating, zooming, panning, and other viewing options
3)  Create an exploded view
4)  Create a section view
5)  Measure distances
6)  Inquire geometry information of line and arc

9. Do I need to install any apps to view the file in the cloud?

No, the uploaded files can be viewed on a browser.

10. How to set the valid date and password for the shared file?

You can set the valid date and password for the shared file both on the web client or CADbro client.

CADbro Cloud Web client
1)  Login with manager/ member account
2)  Go to Files Tab
3)  Move the mouse pointer to the file which you want to share, and select the share icon
4)  Set the password and valid date
5)   Click "Yes" to finish setting

CADbro Client
1)  Login CADbro client
2)  Click the file you want to share, and select "Share" option
3)  Set the password and valid date
4)  Click "Create Link" to finish setting

11. Can I trace back the file version?

Yes, CADbro cloud will record all the uploaded version and allow users to roll back the file version which they want.

12. How to purchase CADbro cloud service?

CADbro cloud service is an additional service of CADbro and it is free for now. When users purchase a CADbro 2019 license (or above version), users can use the CADbro cloud service for free in one year.

Note:When the free term is close be expired, users will receive reminders 3 times both by emails and web client. When the free term is expired, users can not log in the cloud account and upload any file. Users can upgrade the CADbro license to keep using the cloud service and the data will not be cleaned by the server.

13. What is the difference between the manager account and member account?

Manager account
1)  Manage the member accounts, including add/delete member account, modify the password and change the account status.
2)  Manage the files, including remove, share, and control file versions.
3)  Check the status of share link, member and capacity.

Member account
1)  Manage files for the current account, including remove, share, and control file versions. Also, you can view all the files and their versions.
2)  View the public files
3)  Check the status of share link and capacity

14. What is the storage capacity of each license and how many share links and member account can be created for each license?

Each license support to create one member account and offers 5G storage capacity and 20 share links. For example, a user buys five CADbro licenses, he will get 25G storage capacity, 100 share links, and be able to create 5 member accounts.

15. Can I log in the CADbro client with manager account?

No, only member account can be used to log in the CADbro client.

16. What is the difference between a public folder and a private folder?

Data in the public folder can be viewed by the members whose accounts are created by the same manager account. But the data in the private folder can be seen by creators. Note: Manager account can manage all data, no matter the data is in the public or private folder.

17. Can I combine data from different manager accounts?

No, we don’t support combining data from different manager accounts.